Surround speakers can be positioned on sidewalls or the rear wall. In media rooms, location usually depends on architectural elements of the room such as windows and doorways. In an existing home, wiring for wall-mounted speakers is typically much less time consuming and invasive than for ceiling speakers. Sketch out your room for us and we can advise you on your best surround speaker options.

If you are creating a media room from scratch or have easy ceiling access, there are many ceiling mount speakers that can be angled toward the listening position. In situations where you absolutely have no room for a speaker anywhere other than at the TV, something you may consider is a speaker bar, with multiple speakers in one compact cabinet. Some speaker bars offer a wireless subwoofer.

Our guaranteed installation packages include the following options:
  • 1Install and mount speakers
  • 2Hide speaker wires
  • 3Program receiver and remotes Tutorial on how to work your new system

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